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Before the term ‘fair trade’ even came into existence, there was a woman called Ursula Brunner who was a true pioneer for workers’ rights in the developing world. It all began in Switzerland in 1973 when Ursula was inspired by the documentary ‘Bananera Libertad’, which focused on the plight of Latin American banana workers.

“My dream is everyone from the farmer to the customer all sitting around a table and bargaining for the price.”

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Villa Andina was founded in 2007 to develop markets for Peru’s natural products, through associations with farming communities in the Peruvian Andes. The goal – to “develop top quality, organic, natural health food products, which make a real contribution to improvement in the human diet”.

Our Regional Manager for Latin America, Paul Sablich, said: “Working with Villa Andina will strengthen our production knowledge in the Fairtrade market.”

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