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We love working with schools in our local region and throughout the UK.  We get involved in a number of ways - assembly visits, classroom presentations, and interactive sessions with our Little Book of Fairness.  

You can order or download this colourful publication in our Resources section, and meet Captain Cocoa and Super Avo, who help children learn about Fairtrade.

Due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions in the UK, we are now engaging with schools online to help children understand the concept of being fair.

We have also created an animation, which shows how we can help farmers facing the impact of climate change.

Some schools go on to open a Share Account and becoming Group Investors.  

If you would like any further information about how your school could get involved please contact

The Little Book of Fairness

We have a range of resources for schools available to download here:

The Little Book of Fairness - Primary school age

The Little Book of Fairness - Ages 8-10

The Little Book of Fairness - Ages 4-7 

The Epic Book of Fairness - Ages 10-11

Children's Annual Report - Ages 8-12


Why not try out this fun activity and GROW YOUR OWN AVOCADO. Click on the link below to find out how. 

Grow your own avocado