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What We Do

We see the world as it could be

Shared Interest is an ethical investment organisation which aims to alleviate poverty by helping people in remote and disadvantaged communities, to trade and earn a living.  

We act co-operatively with over 11,500 investors coming together to achieve a common goal, pooling their £49 million of investment. We then use these funds to provide loans and credit facilities to primarily fair trade businesses, to ensure that farmers are paid on time for their crops.

Your ethical investment will not make you rich but it will enrich the lives of others.

Our work is not just about providing finance on fair terms. The fair trade producers we help say that we have helped transform their communities.  Last year, our members helped make a positive impact on the lives almost 400,000 individuals

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Chino Henriquez, General Manager, Apicoop, Chile

“Thanks to Shared Interest' ethical investors we can work together to create livelihoods and make dreams a reality all over the world.”

How we help

Our loans and credit facilities ensure that fair trade farmers are paid on time for their crops.

Our finance helps handcraft organisations to buy raw materials, and enables co-operatives to pre-finance orders from their overseas buyers. 

We lend to organisations that follow Fair Trade Principles, to support products such as coffee, fresh fruit, nuts, and cocoa, as well as handcrafts such as weaved baskets and furniture.

This year we made payments totalling £68.7m to 297 organisations in 52 countries.

Fifty-one-year-old Kansole Eli, said: "I used to depend on my relatives' help to feed my family but with the improvement in my income, I was able to provide food for my children without any external help."