MD Commended for Exceptional Leadership

MD Commended for Exceptional Leadership

Shared Interest Managing Director, Patricia Alexander, has been recognised in the NatWest WISE100 Awards (Women in Social Enterprise 100) search for women leaders in social enterprise and impact investing, who have showed exceptional leadership throughout the pandemic.

NatWest recognises positive impact in challenging circumstances

Megan Peat, CEO of NatWest Social & Community Capital, said: "We are delighted to partner with Pioneers Post to highlight the inspiring women who are continuing on their mission to deliver a positive impact despite the exceptional and challenging circumstances.

"The stories of these leaders who have shown agility, resilience and adaptability over the last few months will inspire many on their path towards rebuild and recovery."

As it became clear that farmers and artisans in developing world communities were coping with the dual impact of Covid-19 and effects of climate change, Shared Interest relaunched its Livelihood Security Fund in response, which you can read more about here. Patricia was also commended for her forward thinking approach to remote working and efforts in keeping colleagues engaged. 

Focus remains on mission and the communities they were set up to serve

Tim West, founding editor of Pioneers Post, said: "Social entrepreneurs are by no means the only people who have had to face big pressures and make hard decisions during these unprecedented times – but what stands out in so many of these stories from our WISE network is that while battling to keep their own social enterprises from the jaws of the pandemic, their focus has remained on the mission, and their first thoughts have always been for the people and communities they were set up to serve."

You can read more about Patricia's involvement over on our Blog.

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