Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) has been held online since 2021 This year’s event took place on Friday 17 March 2023, with an audience of 145, lower than the 249 attendees in 2022, but still higher than we have previously seen in physical face-to-face AGMs. Fewer members also took part in our AGM voting process (1,003 compared to 1,311). 

The number of members voting online increased to 406 in 2023 (2022: 338), and as an overall percentage of votes taken, 41% of votes were placed using the online system compared to 30% last year. The following comments are a selection taken from online feedback forms provided to members:

“I felt the AGM was excellent - both content and presentation - thank you to all involved.”

“The meeting was conducted very well and the answers to the questions asked were full and informative, particularly on the relationship with the Foundation. As a long-term though modest investor I am full of admiration for what Share Interest achieves.”

Supporter Events

For the first year since the pandemic, we held our supporter events in-person, and in May and June, we visited Edinburgh, London and York to meet with members. We also welcomed guest speakers to each event from Just Trading Scotland, Zaytoun and customer Inka Moss. Across all three events, 181 members and supporters attended. 

You can read the full Social Accounts document here.

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