ECAMOM, cocoa, Ivory Coast (producer)

Ivory Coast supplies 30% of the world’s total cocoa, with large corporations like Nestle and Cadbury sourcing much of their cocoa here.  For this reason, coffee alone is responsible for almost two-thirds of the trade revenue coming into the country.

ECAMOM works with over 2,000 cocoa farmers in Méagui to produce dried cocoa beans, which they sell in bulk.  Founded in 2006 by 300 cocoa farmers, membership has now grown to 2,442 individuals, who are part of 10 producer co-operatives. Last year ECAMOM won the Alassane Ouattara Prize for Best National Co-operative for the 2016/2017 cocoa season.


This small co-operative has grown to be one of the key players in the Ivory Coast cocoa market and has achieved the following using their Fairtrade Premium:

  • Construction of primary schools for two communities.
  • Drilling of boreholes in five communities to provide fresh water.
  • Free distribution of cocoa seedlings to members.
  • Health insurance for staff.
  • Interest-free for school fee loans to producers.


ECAMOM Accountant, Hélène Kouamé, said: “The Shared Interest credit facility has made it possible for our co-operative to realise its potential. We have been able to increase our annual production volume from 4,000 metric tons (MT) before we received the facility to 10,000 MT during the last cocoa season.

“Once again, many, many thanks to Shared Interest for kindly assisting co-operatives in Ivory Coast; there are so many of us benefiting from this intervention.”

“It is a bit like a ray of sunshine on our environmental, social and economic activities.”

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