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Cayat, cocoa, coffee and cashew nuts, Côte d’Ivoire (producer)

CAYAT is a cocoa, coffee and cashew nut producing co-operative, based around the towns of Adzopé and Yakassé-Attobrou in the South East of Côte d’Ivoire. 

Like many areas across Côte d’Ivoire, the La Mé region where CAYAT is located is home to many cocoa farmers. The national cocoa body (Conseil Café-Cacao, or CCC) estimate around a quarter of the population of the region are cocoa producers, making cocoa one of the main sources of income, particularly in rural areas.  

CAYAT was established in 2010, with 283 members. Its aim was to unite cocoa farmers and to tackle the deep socio-economic challenges in the region, whilst farming sustainably and boosting farmer incomes.

Traore Sinan, Chairperson, said:

“The relationship with Shared Interest is of a great support to CAYAT’s financial autonomy. We are happy to work with Shared Interest and intend to sustain our partnership.”


The wellbeing of farmers is at the heart of CAYAT’s vision, and women’s empowerment is a big part of that. CAYAT created a ‘Women’s Society’ in 2015 to focus on training women farmers to play a greater role in the co-operative. 

The Society has since grown to 413 members – not only women farmers who are registered members of the co-operative, but also the wives of men who belong to CAYAT. The Society aims to help women access land, and use the Fairtrade Premium to run projects, so that more women can be financially independent, and contribute to household income and food security. 

Shared Interest gave a loan to the co-operative in 2016, enabling them to increase production and meet the growing demand for cocoa.

You can read more about Cayat in QR 111

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