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Banyankole coffee services

Banyankole Coffee Services: Coffee Producer in Uganda

Situated around 1,500m above sea level lies Kabwohe; a town in the Sheema District of western Uganda. An area that is characterised by rolling hills and lush vegetation. 

Coffee is a major export crop in Uganda and as a result is a significant contributor to the country’s economy by providing foreign exchange earnings, employment and income opportunities across the supply chain. 

The Kabwohe area is ideal for coffee farming due to its favourable altitude, nutrient-rich soil, consistent rainfall, and proximity to major coffee markets. The area’s high altitude slows down the ripening process of coffee cherries, resulting in higher-quality beans.

The nutrient-rich volcanic soil in Kabwohe supports the development of healthy plants and high-quality coffee beans. Consistent rainfall ensures that coffee plants have sufficient moisture to produce high yields of quality coffee beans. Finally, proximity to coffee markets in Uganda facilitates easy access to markets and helps support the livelihoods of coffee farmers. 

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Farming a Fairer Future

Banyankole Coffee Services (BCS) was founded by three coffee farmers in 2014, with the aim of producing good quality coffee and achieving good prices to benefit farmers. Today, BCS works with more than 1,500 farmers supporting them to export the highest quality Robusta coffee to local and international markets.

BCS has also provided training to the community on environmental conservation practices such as reforestation, coffee seedlings to individual farmers to replace old coffee trees, and linked farmers to international markets.

BCS have been a Shared Interest customer since 2020, receiving loans to meet export demands from their buyers.

Lauben Kurubaija, Managing Director, said:

“Sincerely speaking, the loan from Shared Interest has helped us so much that we are always assured of capital to respect our buyers contracts in time."

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