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Allpa, handcrafts, Peru (producer)

With artisans specialising in jewellery, textiles, ceramics, and wood. Allpa has benefited from an export credit facility with Shared Interest since 2014.

As less than 10% of Allpa sales are local, Shared Interest finance is a lifeline for the organisation.  

Carving a future

A master in stone carving, Danilo can turn rock into bright and precious jewels, and so many local jewellers entrust him with their work.  His skills extend to the carving of other natural materials such as shells and tagua nuts.

Beautiful handcrafts that don't cost the earth

Artisans selling under the Allpa name are considered luxury designers, constantly developing new and cutting-edge styles. In return for this expertise, Allpa provides access to the international market, providing producers with a reliable source of income.

A modern weaver in the Andes, Celestino started weaving for Allpa in 2001, from his backyard with a very rustic loom.

Today he lives on the outskirts of Huancayo and employs a team of people.  Celestino is proud to say that his textiles travel around the world and reach homes in Europe, North America, Japan and Australia.

You can read more about Allpa in QR 102 here

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