The Shared Interest office will close for the Christmas break on Friday 22 December and reopen on Tuesday 2 January at 9am.

Soutenez Notre Organisme Caritatif


Shared Interest Foundation, en brisant le cercle vicieux de la pauvreté grâce à  la création d’entreprises résilientes, a transformé les conditions de vies de  pays en voie de développement.

Selon nous, construire une entreprise solide est un moyen durable et respectueux de lutter contre la pauvreté. C’est pourquoi nous proposons une formation en gestion financière et aidons à développer des réseaux d’accompagnement au sein des communautés rurales défavorisées.

Nous oeuvrons  dans plusieurs pays depuis 2004 ; et aidons les populations à offrir une meilleure vie à leurs familles et leurs communautés.

What we do

Thanks to our supporters, we have worked with organisations in Africa and Latin America to build their climate resilience, and delivered projects aimed at increasing gender equality and the involvement of young people in agriculture and product diversification.

Over the past year, we have implemented 12 projects, helping develop pioneering initiatives to generate vital income for rural communities. Overall, this involved 2,365 farmers across seven countries. It included training and mentoring for over 1,000 farmers in East Africa to produce their own organic fertiliser and working with an established coffee co-operative in Uganda to produce passion fruit.

In Peru, we worked with farmers to create an eco-friendly method to protect their coffee plants and produce compost from natural waste, including coffee peel and animal manure. We have also continued to support a community of beekeepers and, four years on from the start of this project, they are going from strength to strength. With the income made from honey production, the group has plans to finance the extension of electricity to their community and build a school. 

As Chairperson Siata Ouattara said: “The project has built cohesion and team spirit among us. We work together towards our wellbeing.”

Partnership plays a huge part in all of our projects and it is only with the support of partners, colleagues, volunteers, donors, and grants from trusts and foundations that we are able to continue to support the talents of rural businesses. These achievements were recognised by the Charity Times Awards, where Shared Interest Foundation was named Charity of the Year with an income of less than £1 million. These prestigious awards celebrate outstanding efforts within the voluntary sector. 

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