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Notre conseil est composé de neuf investisseurs de Shared interest, certains élus et d’autres sélectionnés au hasard. Le rôle de ce groupe est d’exposer et de refléter les vues des membres au conseil d’administration. Le but principal, c’est d’assurer que la Society reste fidèle à sa mission et d’assurer que la stratégie de la Society correspond aux intérêts des membres.

Le conseil se réunit trois fois par an. Ils sont mis au courant par l’équipe de direction supérieure et reçoivent les procès-verbaux des réunions du conseil d’administration. Ils peuvent les passer en revue et les discuter avec le directeur général, avec le secrétaire et quelquefois avec le conseil d’administration.

Conformément aux règles de la Society, un membre élu du conseil prend sa retraite chaque an à tour de rôle, et la dernière élection a eu lieu en mars 2016.

Election of new Council Member

The Council of Shared Interest comprises eight members who are elected to represent the views and interests of all Members of the Society to the Board of Directors and Management.

The Council meets formally three times a year and informally at the AGM in March. It also conducts discussions on relevant issues by email and telephone between meetings. Each year a proportion of Council retires by rotation. In 2020 for example, one of Council’s Joint Moderators, Ashley Wyatt, will have completed his maximum term of six years on Council and will stand down.

Members of the Society are invited to consider standing as a candidate in the election, which will be held in March 2020 by a postal ballot. If this role matches your interests and experience and you are able to commit the time, details are available for your consideration from Tim Morgan, Shared Interest Secretary. Members of Council are also happy to talk to prospective candidates.    
The planned timetable is as follows:-

Latest date for receipt of expressions of interest
30 September 2019
Issue of Council Nomination Particulars  
15 October 2019
Submission of completed Nomination Form and Election Statement    
31 October 2019
Short List confirmed by Council  
30 November 2019
Election Papers issued (with AGM Papers)    
January 2020
Ballot closes
11 March 2020
Results announced at AGM
13 March 2020

Applications are welcome from any member, noting that the current composition of Council is two women and six men (see QR’s Council Comment).

We look forward to a good response from the membership to carry on this important role in the governance of the Society.

The Council of Shared Interest