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Part 2 - Our impact

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Increase in income for farmers, artisans and workers.

We believe our work contributes to the attainment of specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) from the 17 SDGs agreed by the United Nations in 2015 as goals for building a better world by 2030.

Distribution of Shared Interest lending in 2020

Stronger, more resilient and sustainable businesses.

We have 202 customers, and a proportion have multiple facilities with us. As such, there are currently 240 lending facilities in place across our portfolio.

Our sister charity, Shared Interest Foundation

Employment creation for farmers, artisans and workers.

Shared Interest Foundation continued to provide business support to producer groups across Africa and Latin America.

Cocoa beans being removed from pods on a farm in Peru

Improvement in the livelihood of people as they trade their way out of poverty.

Read our longitudinal case studies carried out with three customers this year.