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Our Volunteers


Diana became an ambassador after being an ethical investor for several years:

“I retired a year ago, partly to free up time for volunteering and campaigning. I’ve visited Malawi and Tanzania in the past, and found the global range of Shared Interest very exciting. It’s a great cause and I’ve been impressed with the organisation – efficient but caring.

“I love having a part, however tiny, in something so worthwhile and truly life-changing. Only nine months into my role, I feel I’ve hardly got of the ground myself yet, but look forward to contributing more.”


Bill has been an ambassador for three years, although he has invested in Shared Interest for over 20 years.

He said: “I decided to become an ambassador as I had more time on my hands and wanted to make a further contribution. I find the work of Shared Interest fascinating and love talking about it to other people. Having travelled to Chile, Ethiopia, and India, I have seen the challenges faced in disadvantaged communities and would like to think that I am helping in some small way.”


Hattie became a volunteer with us while she was at university:

“Shared Interest caught my eye because of its fair trade focus. I was aware of fair trade from a young age as my mum is a keen supporter, and volunteering with Shared Interest provided another way to get involved.

“I have helped with mail-outs, updating the website and writing news articles as well as manning stalls at events.

“Most importantly, it has been good to know I am helping Shared Interest to support fair trade businesses in developing countries.

“It has been a really exciting thing to do, completely separate to my university life.”

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