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Our Volunteers

A team of dedicated volunteers help us achieve our mission by bringing their skills, knowledge, enthusiasm and passion to the roles they carry out with us.


Stephen Thomas has been an Ambassador with Shared Interest since 2011; he is also currently a member of Council. In July, Stephen represented Shared Interest at the Fair Trade Wales celebrations marking 15 years of Wales as a Fairtrade Nation.  He ran a Shared Interest stall, one of eight stalls at the event, to engage attendees about our role in the Fairtrade movement. 

Following the event Stephen said: 

“This was a nice opportunity for my first non-virtual Shared Interest ambassadorial outing since pre-Covid. Buoyant and well run, with a good cross-section of the converted and the increasingly curious.”

“I love having a part, however tiny, in something so worthwhile and truly life-changing. Only nine months into my role, I feel I’ve hardly got of the ground myself yet, but look forward to contributing more.”


Elody Alcaraz has been volunteering with Shared Interest since 2021. Her main role is as a Translator where she supports us with English to French translation activity.  However, in February 2023 she took up the opportunity to support us with online research to assist the development of our Longitudinal Case Studies. 

In response to her experience, she said:

“It was a great learning opportunity and very interesting to conduct the research.” 


Neville Hallam has been interested in the work of Shared Interest since 2019 and was delighted to be given the opportunity to learn more and represent the views of members by being selected as a random member of Council. 

Neville joined Council in March 2023 and spoke of his experience so far. 

“Going through the induction process for new Council members, which has entailed detailed briefings from the different parts of Shared Interest team, have given a wonderful perspective to the organisation, and allowed me share what my perspective is, as a member. Attending the first in-person supporter event, in Edinburgh was a highlight."


Member, Janice Long has been supporting Shared Interest since 2015 and, following her attendance at our London event in June, she got in touch.  Janice was attending a local event with her Fairtrade network, and she was keen to ensure Shared Interest was included. She contacted us to send her some resources to share on the stall and inviting us along to engage with visitors on the day.

Volunteer With Us

Interested in volunteering with us? Then please fill in our online form or email us at and discover the many ways you can help build a fairer world.

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