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Feed Me Fairtrade

Feed Me Fairtrade began in 2010, when our Partnership Manager Sally decided she wanted to bring her passion for fair trade to the kitchen table. In each episode, Sally will share a vegetarian or vegan Fairtrade recipe inspired by one of the many amazing fair trade producers we work with across the globe. 

Sally said: "I love cooking and I love Fairtrade, so what a perfect way to combine the two in our 'Feed Me Fairtrade' series! I hope anyone who tries out the recipes has as much fun as I do making them. I'm always up for a new (meat-free) culinary challenge, so if any of our viewers have a recipe to suggest, then please get in touch!" 

So what are you waiting for? Check out the videos below to get inspired and find out how you can fill your cupboards with more Fairtrade goodies. Our recipes are also a great activity for events like the Great Big Green Week, which encourages us all to make swaps for the sustainability of our planet. Begin by swapping out your regular ingredients for some Fairtrade alternatives!

To get in touch with us about recipe suggestions, or if you want to invest with us or know more about what it means to be a Shared Interest member, then please contact us at: 

Making Healthy Hummus and Veggies inspired by Shared Interest Foundation's Soilless Farming Projects

In our most recent video, our Partnerships Manager Sally makes some delicious creamy hummus with roasted veggies. This recipe is inspired by Shared Interest Foundation’s soilless farming projects in Burkina Faso and Ghana. 

Shared Interest Foundation first launched a soilless farming project in 2022 and has so far supported two projects in Burkina Faso and a third in Ghana. The soilless farming technique uses readily available local materials, including sawdust, coconut fibres and poultry manure, which retain water and release nutrients for plant growth.

Project participants are supported through this activity to increase their income through the production and sale of organic vegetables. 

Click here to learn more about Shared Interest Foundation's soilless farming projects.

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Making Chocolate Cupcakes inspired by our Little Book of Fairness

In this episode, Sally makes quick, scrumptious chocolate cupcakes. Inspired by Shared Interest’s Little Book of Fairness, a free, educational resource which aims to introduce the concept of fair trade to young children, this recipe is a classic, but each ingredient can easily be replaced by a fair trade alternative to make sure that your uplifting treat will also make the planet happy.

Learn more about our Little Book of Fairness.

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Making Breakfast Granola Inspired by Brazil Nut Producer Candela Peru

In this episode, Sally makes her favourite breakfast granola. "I love this in the morning topped with a bit of yogurt and some berries fresh or defrosted ones and sometimes with a drizzle of honey too." Sally said. 

Having found this recipe years ago, Sally has now adapted it with things like desiccated coconut or a bit of ground cinnamon.

Learn more about Candela Peru.

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Making Thai Peanut and Butternut Curry Inspired by Liberation Foods

In September 2023, the Shared Interest team participated in a Coffee and Learn Workshop with Liberation Managing Director Dan Binks.

Inspired by our session, our Partnerships Manager Sally celebrates the long-lasting, far-reaching relationship between Shared Interest and Liberation by having a go at creating a warming Thai Peanut and Butternut Squash Curry, using Liberation peanut butter and cashew nuts.

Learn more about Liberation foods.

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Rolling into a Healthy 2024 with Energy Balls Inspired by SOCODD and CAYAT

To kick start the year in good health, this time Sally shares a recipe for some delicious energy balls. She normally uses peanut butter as her nut base in energy balls, but here she tries something new.

At Shared Interest, we support a number of organisations who grow cashew nuts, such as SOCODD and CAYAT. They often produce cashew nuts as part of their commodity mix alongside a main crop of cocoa or coffee.

Learn more about SOCODD.

Invest with us and support fair trade producers.

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How to Make an Ethical Honey Cake Inspired by EDUCE

In this episode of Feed Me Fairtrade, our Partnerships Manager Sally Seddon creates a delectable Fairtrade honey cake inspired by EDUCE, an umbrella co-operative established in 1997 which is dedicated to the production and export of Fairtrade honey.

Today, the co-op works with almost 1,000 beekeepers among 30 co-operatives in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, representing their voices and interests. We have proudly supported EDUCE with fair finance since 2003.

Learn more about EDUCE.

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Creating Controversial Pancakes Inspired by our Bees for Business project

In this video, Sally shows us how to create delicious pancakes using a creative selection of Fairtrade ingredients including olive oil from the Palestinian farmers of Zaytoun, honey from Equal Exchange, balsamic vinegar, smoked cheese and pear.  

This eclectic recipe draws inspiration from Shared Interest Foundation's first Bees for Business project, which was launched in 2018 and supported 50 women in the rural community of Dakoro, Burkina Faso. 

Learn more about our Foundation's Bees for Business project.

Invest with us and support fair trade producers.

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Christmas Special ~ Making Peruvian Rice Pudding Inspired by CAES Piura

Arroz con leche (rice pudding) is a popular Latin American Christmas food that’s usually prepared in large quantities to easily feed big families. 

The idea to prepare this dish was inspired our Peruvian colleagues, who told us that rice pudding is a firm favourite in their homes at this time of year. Meanwhile, the recipe for this seasonal staple draws inspiration from CAES Piura, a Shared Interest customer and co-operative whom process and export brown sugar from the cane sugar grown in the mountains of the Piura region of Northern Peru. 

Read our blog to discover more eco-friendly arts and crafts ideas at Christmas for the whole family.

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