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About Us

We finance a range of businesses

Most of our lending is used to prefinance orders but we also offer term loans for the purchase of equipment and infrastructure.

Although almost half of our lending is to support coffee production, we also finance organisations working with cocoa, nuts, fruit, and handcrafts and a range of other products.

"Working with Shared Interest has enabled us to increase our capital base, helped make the inputs more accessible to our members and helped to raise production."

We are also proud members of the Council on Smallholder Agricultural Finance (CSAF) which is focused on serving the financing needs of even the most remote communities.

"Shared Interest always makes an effort to regularly meet customers even in conferences when they cannot visit the organisation."

Image: EDUCE beekeeper María Colli hods honey produced on her farm in Mexico.  

See how our finance helps businesses grow

Shared Interest has provided financing for 30 years.

Many of our clients have been with us for over a decade, allowing us to witness their businesses thrive.

Last year, 82% of our clients reported that working with Shared Interest had a direct impact on the long-term sustainability of their business.

Watch our short film to see for yourself how our financing is changing lives.

How to apply

Complete this form and your local Account Manager will contact you directly.  If you are eligible, you will need to complete an application form and Shared Interest will visit your business to understand how it works.

We will supply you with a list of information we need before approving finance. Once we have everything we need, completion of the loan takes an average of two to three months.

A one-off set up fee of 1% is applied against the account once the finance is agreed. This fee is not charged at renewal unless an increase is requested, and it would only be applied against the value of the increase itself.

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