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Lending per region

Latin America

In 2022, our coffee customers in Latin America experienced exceptional disbursements due to historically high coffee prices, increased liquidity needs driven by an international logistics crisis, and strong demand for contracts. However, in 2023, international coffee prices plummeted, some customers' accounts closed due to financial troubles, and coffee contracts became scarcer due to a higher Fairtrade Minimum Price and excess buyer stock. These changes brought significant challenges to the region's economic landscape.  In addition, although honey production in Central America grew due to an expanded beekeepers' network they faced lower international prices, which reduced their financial needs.


In East Africa, the primary reason for growth in 2023 stemmed from resolving arrears and approving limit increases that were drawn down in the same year.

In West Africa, there was a slight increase in cocoa disbursements as cocoa is currently experiencing high prices not seen for over a decade. The farm gate price for the new cocoa season (October to March) was set at $1.6 per kg, with the current market price around $3.5 per kg.  In addition to this, the farm gate price in the region dictates that the producer should also be paid a LID. The LID can however be counterproductive as buyers are hesitant to offer fair trade contracts, preferring conventional contracts, which command a lower premium. In Ivory Coast, production delays caused by irregular rain patterns and reduced yields have resulted in customers needing more time to gather sufficient produce for international orders, prolonging the use of their trade facilities.  

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