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Pragor, avocados, Mexico (producer)

If you are eating an avocado today there is an eight out of ten chance it is a Hass. This is because 80% of the avocados eaten worldwide are Hass avocados.

Mexico is responsible for half of the world’s avocado production. This large market share is supported by the capacity to supply avocados all year round. Pragor is a small producers’ co-operative recently approved with a credit facility from Shared Interest. Pragor’s home state, Michoacán, produces 80% of Mexican avocados.

Seventeen farmers founded Pragor in 2011. Once working independently to provide their produce to a local exporter, they now collectively grow fair trade and organic Hass avocados for export to Canada and the USA.

From superfruit to super fruitful

Marco García, our Regional Representative based in Costa Rica, recently met Pragor in Morelia, the capital of Michoacán. Marco said: “Pragor has a robust and quality production. Social impact levels are high, thanks to the investment made by the co-operative in staff training and good agricultural practices. They also donate to a local school and help the disadvantaged children in nearby neighbourhoods. Just the fact that Pragor exists means that rural families are able to earn an honest and fair living, instead of being led into the gangs that operate within the local community.” 

Pragor plans to expand further. They even hope to build their own packaging plant in a couple of years. Therefore, they are very grateful to Shared Interest for the support provided. 

Pragor’s Financial Officer, and avocado producer, Ana Luisa Vallejo, said: “We want to extend a special thanks to Shared Interest investors for believing in Fairtrade and in our group of small farmers. Working with buyers, financiers and organisations aligned with the Fairtrade network really makes us feel comfortable and valued.”

Read more about Pragor in QR 106.

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