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Candela, brazil nuts, Peru (producer)

Castañeros are brazil nut gatherers, who live along the Madre de Dios River in the Peruvian rainforest. This area is known for having the greatest diversity of plant and animal species on earth.

In 2003, the government granted a forty year concession to the Castañeros, allowing them to farm the brazil nut trees in clearly defined locations; securing not only livelihoods but the vested interest of the farmers in managing and protecting the rainforest.

General Manager, Lupe Lanao, said:

“Without the support of Shared Interest, Candela would not be able to pre-finance harvest activities and many nut harvesters would have been denied their only source of livelihood.”

A harmonious relationship between people and planet

Candela was established to help Castañeros find markets for their brazil nut products. Export of candles, chocolate, and oils, is the key to reaping tangible rewards from this harmonious relationship between people and planet.

Since 2001, Candela has benefited from three different types of financial support from Shared Interest. All of these facilities have contributed to the growth and sustainability of the organisation and impacted positively on the livelihood of nut producers and harvesters, their families and communities.

Candela’s work goes far beyond the nut production process. They have been working tirelessly with fair trade organisations and certification bodies to ensure their farmers receive a fair price for their crop.

They have also provided water and drainage systems for a number of indigenous communities giving them access to clean water.

You can read more about Candela in QR 102 here

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