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Award confirms the need to continue our solidarity efforts

Award confirms the need to continue our solidarity efforts
21 April 2020

Although awarded to businesses with headquarters in the UK, the Queen’s Award is world renowned, and in Shared Interest’s case, is sometimes given because of its work, and presence in other countries.  Shared Interest’s Regional Manager for Latin America has been helping customers in his region for over a decade, and so has seen the organisation recognised in the Sustainable Development category twice before.

Paul said: “For me, this Award represents how we are achieving our mission to reach those most in need.  The fact that we have received it three times also means that we are doing it consistently despite the various challenges we have faced over time.

“We are currently unable to visit our customers due to the quarantine across the world, but it does not prevent us being close to them through alternative means, and finding ways to continue supporting them. Thus, this award is also an indication of the commitment of everyone involved in Shared Interest Society.”

Shared Interest’s presence in Latin America dates back to 2006, beginning in Costa Rica.  Our Peru office followed in 2009, after discovering through extensive research that it was home to more fair trade producers there than any other region in the world.  In fact, Peru continues to be the country with the largest total value of payments made – over £27m was sent to businesses there last year alone.

Karolina Jimenez, Customer Representative for Central America, Mexico and Caribbean said: “I am grateful and proud for this Award. It is great that Shared Interest’s work is recognised, and it shows that our customers are making good use of our funds and therefore farmers are making progress - and that is something even grander.”

Marco Garcia, Lending Manager for Central America, Mexico and Caribbean said: “Amidst these complicated times, this award confirms the need to continue our solidarity efforts towards those in need around the world.

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