Red de comercio justo de malawi

Helping businesses grow

At the end of 2014, we started a project in Malawi to work with smallholder farmers. With our partner, the Malawi Fairtrade Network (MFTN), we planned to deliver training and mentoring to eight of their members (six tea and two sugar co-operatives).

Unfortunately, in January 2015, Malawi was hit with worst floods in its history. Some of the co-operatives due to participate were affected, with homes destroyed and entire crops washed away. Shared Interest Foundation was able to provide support through our Livelihood Security Fund to replant some of the lost crops. This helped to ensure that, not only were all the co-operatives able to continue trading, but they could also participate in, and benefit from, the training programme.


“Los estados financieros ahora son preparados mensualmente. Esto ha permitido que los socios conozcan la situación financiera de la asociación. Si nuestra asociación es exitosa, esto se traduce en sostenibilidad. Nuestros hijos también podrán beneficiarse  de la cooperativa.”

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