Ethical content gathering

By sharing their experiences and perspectives, producers help make our communications more powerful and effective by bringing the impact and importance of our work to life. In return, we have a responsibility to tell their stories authentically and manage their contributions ethically across all types of content – words, photography and film.

Through our participation in the People in the Pictures group and Communications Working Group, (run by Bond, a UK network for organisations working in international development), we have been able to share and discuss good practice guidelines.

This year, we also joined Mile 91. Set up in 2006, Mile 91 support international development charities to develop their storytelling strategies, through collaboration and training. 

Pictured: Vitaliano Cahuich, Beekeeper and member of EDUCE, a honey co-operative with Mayan roots based in the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico. At first sight, you will never believe he is a man in his 70s - with all the work he does and how energetic he is - he jokingly says it might be the bee stings that are the reason for this phenomenon.

Longitudinal Case Studies

Our Longitudinal Case Studies, featured in this report, form a large part of our content gathering activity. This involves interviewing, photographing and filming people at all levels of the supply chain. The interviews are carried out by the Shared Interest Team (with the aforementioned translation and interpretation support where necessary).

In 2023, film and photography took place with the support of COOPARM coffee farmers in Peru, CAYAT cocoa farmers in Ivory Coast, EDUCE honey producers in Mexico and Cuencas del Huallaga cocoa farmers in Peru. This content will be featured across our online channels and print publications such as QR. In areas where we do not have a prior connection or areas we assess as higher risk, we work with Fair Picture who provide access to an approved global network of professional visual creators. This year we worked with Fair Picture to gather photography for EDUCE.

You can read the full Longitudinal Case Studies here: 



You can read the full Social Accounts document here.

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