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Soutenez Notre Organisme Caritatif

Covid-19 Statement

As the impact of Covid-19 continues to develop across the world, we are met with new challenges that test our resilience as a charity. Our thoughts go out to those suffering and we thank those on the front line who are supporting us all during the crisis.

The Shared Interest team has adapted seamlessly to remote working, to ensure we continue to support producers and their wider communities; helping them to increase their resilience and overcome hardship.

We continue to deliver projects in Ghana, Burkina Faso and Nicaragua, working closely with our in-country partners, monitoring the situation on the ground and delivering our support in a safe and secure way.

In addition to restrictions on movement and trade, producers are also dealing with floods, droughts and delayed harvests, which are threatening livelihoods and increasing household food insecurity.  In direct response to these very challenging times, we are re-launching our Livelihood and Security Fund to help producers in Africa and Latin America to meet their basic needs and support income levels during and beyond the Covid-19 crisis. You can read more here.


Grâce au soutien de Comic Relief (une organisation caritative britannique), nous oeuvrons au Swaziland depuis 2010.

«Notre programme a permis de briser les barrières raciales, les inégalités  entre riches et pauvres, et pour les entrepreneurs de surmonter les barrières commerciales.»

Raymond Mhishi - Artisan


Shared Interest Foundation, en brisant le cercle vicieux de la pauvreté grâce à  la création d’entreprises résilientes, a transformé les conditions de vies de  pays en voie de développement.

Selon nous, construire une entreprise solide est un moyen durable et respectueux de lutter contre la pauvreté. C’est pourquoi nous proposons une formation en gestion financière et aidons à développer des réseaux d’accompagnement au sein des communautés rurales défavorisées.

Nous oeuvrons  dans plusieurs pays depuis 2004 ; et aidons les populations à offrir une meilleure vie à leurs familles et leurs communautés.